5 Challenges the farmers are facing today

Farming has lots of prospects and it was a big business even a few years back. The farmers today are facing lots of challenges for which farming has become difficult. Many people think that a farm is a small, family-owned land used for raising livestock and harvesting crops. But modern farming is more than that. Here are the major challenges the farmers are facing today.

Unavailability of land

It is difficult to find land for farming. The landowners are reluctant to sell it. You must convince the landowner that you can make money out of farming in the land. You should ensure that you will care for the equipment and you will keep the land clean. You need to convince the landowner and acquire the land for farming. Speaking with the landowner and convincing him or her can be a real challenge.


Even in rural farming, modern technology must be used. But due to lack of proper communication system, it is not always possible. The technology has changed the methods of farming. The older farmers may not learn the new ways and find themselves out of job.

Reduction in farming as an occupation

Now about 1% of the population in the U.S is involved in farming. According to statistics, about 40% of the farmers are 55 years old or more. That means that the young population is not showing much interest in farming. This situation is alarming.

Environmental factors

Recently people are questioning the methods of farming and their negative impact on the environment. They believe that water pollution occurs due to raising livestock and use of pesticides is bad for the environment.

Farmers are now changing their old farming practices and adopting more environmentally friendly methods. Climate change is another issue that the farmers have to deal with. Severe storms and droughts can make farming very difficult.

Financial trouble

According to studies, the unemployment rate in the agriculture sector is higher than the national unemployment rate. As the costs of equipment are rising, the farmers are finding it difficult to deal with the situation. They are not making enough profit and finding it difficult to lead life by farming. The international food producers are also affecting the local farmers’ business. Many farmers face bankruptcy as they are unable to pay back their loan.

These challenges are faced by many young farmers today. The farmers should learn how to overcome these challenges so that they can concentrate on farming and producing high-quality food for people.…

7 Ways you can support your local farmers

By choosing what you eat and where you buy your groceries from, you can make a great impact on your local community. The giant superstore chains are ruining the business of your local farmers. There are steps you can take to support your local farmers.

1. Shop at the farmers market

You will find lots of farmers market near your area. You should shop there. You will find varieties of vegetables and fruits there. The farmers there can also provide you recipes of making delicious food. You will get fresh food that doesn’t have any preservatives. If you can arrive early at the market, you might even get good discounts.

2. Go to farm-to-table restaurants

For any occasions like birthday or anniversary, you can go to a farm-to-table restaurant. It will be a different experience and you will get high quality food. Even if the price is a little more than the normal restaurants, the quality of food you will get is worth the extra money you pay.  You can get tips on farming or gardening from the farmers as well.

3. Help in marketing

If you have recently visited a local farm and talked to a farmer, then you can share your experience by writing a post on your social media or blog. You can also include pictures of the farm. This way others will know about the farmers and shop from them as well.

4. Go to restaurants that source foods locally

There are many restaurants that source foods locally and this way they support the local community. You should eat in these restaurants to show your support as well.

5. Eat what’s being harvested

You should buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. That way also you will be supporting your local farmers. So, select menus in which you can include the seasonal items.

6. Join Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

By signing up for CSA you will get fresh produce from local farm on a regular basis. You need to pay for the shares every season. This way you help the farmers financially and also get to eat fresh produce on a regular basis.

7. Volunteer

You can do voluntary works on small-scale farms. This way you will be able to learn a lot of things about agriculture. You will also be able to form a long-term relationship with the farmers.

With so much market competition, it is necessary to support your local farmers for the benefit of your community. You can use these ways of supporting them and making your own contribution.…

5 Tips for going on a winery tour

Wine tourism is booming. Much of it is because of people’s love for the great taste of wine. Another reason is to look at the beautiful vineyards and the magic behind the production of high class wines. On a winery tour, you will have an amazing time walking through the vineyards and talking to the winemakers about landscapes, grape varieties, etc.

You will find beautiful vineyards in Napa valleys, McLaren Vale in Australia, and many other places – even if you hire a luxury car just to visit London in style. You will see lovely hills and mountains with vines on the slopes and towards villages.

You will have a wonderful time traveling to these beautiful places and tasting wine fresh as it’s being made. If you are planning a winery tour, here are some tips for you.

Try to visit smaller places

If you visit a smaller place, you will be able to see the winemaking process up close. You will be able to spend some quality time with people responsible for winemaking and learn many things. There will be people to show you around the lovely vineyard and explain the various grape varieties.

Take an experienced driver

The wineries are located in remote places. You might not know the directions well. So, it is better to take an experienced driver with you. Also, you will be tasting a lot of wine throughout the day and may not be in the condition to drive back to your place at the end of the day. So, a driver will be really helpful.

Ask questions

You should ask the people working in the vineyards lots of questions. Grapes are the main ingredients of making wine and the taste of wine varies depending on the type of grape and their ripeness. You should ask various questions about grapes and winemaking process. You should know why wines taste different.

Buy a box to store wine

On a winery tour, you definitely won’t miss the chance of buying a couple of bottles of wines to take back home to your family and friends. The empty box will help in storing these wines securely while you drive back to your place.

Take your kids with you

Many people think that it’s not a good idea to take the kids to a winery tour. And maybe it really isn’t if you plan to drive through London in a Lamborghini. But it’s not true. It can be a wonderful experience for the kids too. The miles of fields and greenery will give plenty of space for the kids to run around and play. In the winery tasting rooms, you can find crackers or cookies that the kids can enjoy. There might be animals around and the kids can have a great time playing with them.

Winery tours are very unique and you must visit some of the great wine-producing places. It will be a very enjoyable and learning experience for you. You will be able to taste some great wines too!…

6 Common methods of organic farming

You will find that many people today suffer from chronic illnesses. One of the major reasons for it is because of consuming non-organic food. The conventional farmers are using pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and other harmful practices in producing food. These are reducing the food nutrient value, negatively affecting our environment and making us unhealthy.

Organic farming, on the other hand, involves producing crops in such a way that the soil is kept alive and organic wastes are used instead of artificial ones. Crops are produced in a pollution-free environment. The crop you get has higher nutritional value. Organic farming is definitely the best way of producing crops. If you want to practice organic farming, then here are the methods you can use.

Crop diversity

You should plant various species of plants instead of just one type of plant. When there are more varieties of crops available, it makes the crop stronger. There is less chance that crops will die of any disease. The farmers will need fewer pesticides to get rid of the pests.

The conventional farmers don’t use this method as they usually have demand for one type of crop and the simultaneous production of varieties of crops doesn’t seem to be profitable.

Crop rotation

Crop rotation can keep your soil healthy. You can plant different crops in different locations over years in a way so that the crops that are later produced can replenish the nutrients taken away by the previous crops. Crop rotation can also help in preventing diseases.

Soil Management

The soil loses nutrients after the crops have been cultivated. Organic agriculture can improve the health of the soil It uses bacteria present in animal waste to make the soil nutrients more productive. This improves the quality of the soil.

Weed Management

Weeds are unwanted plants that grown in the farming land. Instead of eradicating the weed completely, organic agriculture reduces the number of weeds in the soil. This is done by mulching or mowing and cutting. In mulching, plastic films are used to suppress the growth of the weed.

Controlling other organisms

You will find both useful and harmful organisms in the agricultural land. It is important to control the growth of these organisms. Organic farming uses natural pesticides. Ladybugs, minute pirate bugs, etc. are beneficial insects. They feast on the pests. So, you shouldn’t remove them.

Genetic Modification

There is no genetic modification in organic farming. Engineered animals and plants are discouraged in organic agriculture. You should only use the natural ways of producing crops and raising animals.

Organic agriculture can minimize the use of harmful chemicals that might  have hazardous effects on crops. Organic agriculture focuses on the natural ways of producing crops so that quality crops are produced. The quality of soil also remains good in this way.…

6 Reasons why farm stay should be your next vacation choice

Urban life is very fast paced. People are going after money and working all day. There is always stress and no time to relax or spend time with family. If you want to escape this madness and experience something comfortable, then you should think about farm stay. It is a wonderful way to enjoy what nature has in stock for you. Here are some good reasons for a farm stay.

Eat fresh food

If you live on a farm, you will be eating fresh foods every day. Egg, milk, meat, vegetables, etc. are organic and fresh. These are good for your health. You will be able to pick fresh vegetables, fruits or herbs yourself.


There are lots of activities you can do in a farmland. You can ride on the tractors and explore the big fields. You can go on a bike ride too to look at the plantations. You will get fresh air and enjoy the morning along with nature. You can have horse riding or cattle grazing experience.

Discover your hobbies

You can learn things like making pots, wooden items, etc. You can learn local painting as well. There are lots of things to learn from the local people. You may just discover your new hobby.


You won’t hear the noise of cars. You will be able to spend some relaxed time on the farm. You will enjoy the nature’s view and forget about all the stresses in your life. Try not to use your electronic gadgets much when you are visiting the farm.

Spend quality time with family

When you live in a city, you hardly find any time to spend with your family. A farm can give you the tranquil environment that you need to spend some time with your family. You will be able to interact with the kids and teach them various things.


Farmstay is very educational for everyone, especially for the kids. They will learn about agriculture, domestic animals, etc. They will learn how to take care of animals, how to grow food, etc. They will learn about the importance of eating organic food. They will learn how to feed the cow and milk them.

A farm stay can be an eye-opener and show you why being close to the nature is so important. By visiting a farm, you will be able to relax and enjoy some great time with your family. The lovely surroundings, fresh food and varieties of activities will make your vacation a memorable one.…

7 Reasons why you should eat organic food

You must be seen the word ‘organic’ popping up in magazines and the aisles of superstores. People have now become more health conscious and so they prefer consuming organic food. These foods are produced without using pesticides, genetically modified organisms or synthetic fertilizers. So, they are better for our health. If you haven’t started consuming organic food yet, here are some good reasons to do so.

No pesticide residue

Pesticides can be poisonous. The non-organic vegetables and fruits can be residue from pesticides. The normal farmers use about 2 to 12 pesticides in their crops. Residues of pesticides remaining on food can cause serious health diseases like cancer, ADHD, autism, and obesity.

Preserve nutrition value

Organic foods are more nutritious than the non-organic ones. In conventional foods, the nutrient value is less. Organic products have high antioxidant levels. They have a higher amount of vitamin C, phosphorous, iron and magnesium. The soil in which the organic products are produced are managed using sustainable standards. So, more nutrients are preserved in these products.


You will find lots of GMOs in the non-organic products. These products are manipulated artificially creating something that’s unnatural.

Positive impact on the environment

Producing organic food can protect your environment. The soil is kept fertile and nutrient-rich for many years. No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used, so the groundwater is not polluted. Only organic fertilizers like animal manure and compost are used.

Help a farmer

By buying organic food, you will be able to help a local farmer. The giant agricultural businesses are dominating the market, pushing the local farmers out of business. So, you will be actually helping your community and support the local farmers by eating organic food.


There is a link between usage of pesticides in farming and the decline of bees, birds and other pollinators. These play an important part in our ecology. Organic farms don’t have such problem.

Animal Welfare

When livestock are raised organically, they are taken outside that there is plenty of room to graze and move. It supports the natural behavior of the animals. There is no need for any growth hormones as they develop naturally.

In conventional animal factories, genetically engineered crops are used to fatten up the livestock. These animals have a higher chance of having food-borne illnesses. So, organic way of raising animals can protect the animals from such mistreatments.

You should choose naturally produced food instead of the artificial means. By consuming organic food, you are also making our environment more sustainable and supporting the local farmers. You will be able to have a healthy life if you choose organic food.…